AIMU maintains an international intelligence network of Correspondents in port cities throughout the world. Its Correspondents can report on critical elements which affect losses - such as port conditions, legal and economic factors, cargo handling and transportation facilities, port security and labor conditions - for use by AIMU members. Correspondents also arrange for surveys of damages to identify the cause and value of losses and help speed claim settlements.

Ports Served by AIMU Correspondents

  • The ports served by the AIMU Correspondents are shown represented on the map with the blue markers.
  • Click on each blue marker or the port name in the list on the left to view the Correspondent serving that port.
  • Click on the Reload Map button to restore the map view to the original settings with the sidebar on the left.
  • A complete list of all the AIMU Correspondents is shown below the map.

List of AIMU Correspondents