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Description: ZINC SHEETS - Access of water between closely stacked sheets by condensation or otherwise may damage them through the formation of a white corrosion product known as "white rust." This will reduce coating thickness and spoil the appearance of both galvanized and zinc sheets. These effects are largely due to access of moisture in a limited supply of air and should be avoided by spacing the sheets, or storing or stowing in a dry, well ventilated place. Any sheets which have become wet during transit should be wiped dry before storage. It is sometimes found that zinc sheets in sealed zinc wrappers en closed in wooden barrels have arrived with the drums and outside wrappers clean and dry, with no signs of water having entered in side the barrels, whereas the sheets themselves show a white deposit. This can result from the packing of the sheets in a warm and moist atmosphere, subsequent cooling of the sheets causing condensation, thereby giving rise to corrosion.
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