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Description: VEGETABLES SWEET PEPPERS - Sweet peppers come originally from South and Central America and belong to the Solanaceae (nightshade) family. Sweet peppers were introduced into Europe for the first time at the beginning of the 16th century. Although the fruit of the sweet pepper plant are referred to colloquially as pods, they are actually berries. The various varieties of sweet pepper differ greatly in color, shape and size. Sweet peppers are often green or red in color, but sometimes also yellow, white, purple or black. Green and red sweet peppers are of one and the same variety, the difference in color arising simply from different harvest times. Green sweet peppers are not fully mature and, although they continue to ripen during storage and do turn red, they never reach such an intense shade as sweet peppers which have been left to mature fully on the plant. The inside of a sweet pepper is hollow and subdivided by partitions, to which the whitish seeds are attached. The outside of the sweet pepper comprises a very shiny skin. The pungent flavor of the sweet pepper is derived from the alkaloid capsaicin. However, the capsaicin content of sweet peppers is not very high, so their flavor is quite mild. Sweet peppers are distinguished by a high vitamin C content, which is higher than that of all other types of fruit and vegetable.
Index: 960
Commodity Name: VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (Fresh)

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