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Description: PILFERAGE - To detect this, packages can be examined for signs of tampering such as damage to the plywood or the metal binders. Nails of packages, however, can be drawn and contents removed without leaving more than scratches, but even if nails have been skillfully removed and replaced they are often slightly loose or protruding. The examination of the package linings may also give evidence of pilferage for, if this has taken place, the lining is often damaged. There are, however, occasions when pilferages have taken place, very skillfully, without leaving any visible signs of tampering and the package can only be described as "Light in Weight." Certain tea companies make a 10% check weighing at ports of shipment so that any pilferage of this type in the country of origin can be detected prior to shipment. On occasions chests of tea which have been pilfered have not shown any loss of weight buy have been found to contain foreign matter as a "make-weight."
Index: 944
Commodity Name: TEA

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