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Description: ODORS OR TAINT - Damage of this nature is usually caused by bad storage prior to delivery. Tea is very readily affected by contact with odorous goods and although it may be possible to disperse the taint by airing the affected tea, this can only be done to a limited extent. Very often it is not practicable to do so owing to the length of time and the amount of accommodation necessary to air the teas. Usually foreign odors or taint are picked up in shipment sheds at ports of shipment or in ships, particularly from fruits and essential oils. As in the case of smoke damage it might on occasions be necessary to obtain expert tea taster's ad vice for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not the tea is tainted. By examining the chests and the tea taster's report on the tea, it might be possible to tell where the taint has been picked up. Tea damaged by taint may be sold for blending with cheap brands.
Index: 942
Commodity Name: TEA

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