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Description: MANIOC ROOT (Cassava Root, Mandioc) - The large black roots of a shrub from which starch is extracted. This meal or flour is known as Brazilian Arrowroot and is used in the manufacture of Tapioca, etc. Should be white, hard and well shelled. With time, in consequence of many sortings, the hardness tends to disappear. Manioc roots should be stored in a dry and fresh place whenever possible. Storage in damp places or placing sacks before properly dry may bring about the formation of a greenish mold. In slight cases, this is merely a film which disappears on brushing. In serious cases the Manioc may be of dark green or black appearance, being rotten, which may be observed by dark patches on the sacks at the places contaminated. In fresh produce, live weevil can only be discovered by cutting open the pieces. A soft sack indicates that the produce is old and on the way to becoming powdered, a quantity of white dust being noted when handled. If the dust given off has a color other than white, it may be a sign that the manioc is adulterated.
Index: 924
Commodity Name: ROOTS (Medicinal, etc.)

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