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Description: PALM KERNELS - According to the degree of freshness, this product always loses a variable percentage of oil, which can be noted by the dark color and greasy state of the sacks. Stowage near sources of heat or in a damp hold is liable to provoke mold, usually a white film that can be brushed away. Palm kernels are much harder and more resistant to damage than groundnuts, and consequently damage is much less frequent and more difficult to detect. If, however, the seed has been wet for any length of time it will swell and soften. The signs of damage are similar to those in the case of groundnuts; in particular a characteristic sour smell. The free fatty acid does not tend to rise so quickly but the accompanying oxidation tends to do more damage to the quality of the refined oil. The greater the amount of water and the longer the time of soaking, the greater the damage will occur to the seed.
Index: 896
Commodity Name: OILSEEDS (including Palm Kernels, Peanuts, etc.)

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