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Description: EXPELLER SEEDS - Spontaneous combustion may arise in bags of expeller seeds due to the self-heating of the material, which may give rise to a temperature sufficient to ignite the gunny bags in which it is contained, this being partially due to gunny bags in which the seed is contained becoming impregnated with oil pressed from the expellers, partly by self-heating and partly by cargo pressure. The process usually adopted in the manufacture of expellers requires that the sunflower seeds, after grinding, are heated to a high temperature and then passed through a mechanical press, which separates and releases the oil content. The residue, which forms the expellers, is sometimes heated again and pressed until the oil content is reduced to a very small proportion; the resulting residue should then be allowed to cool before being packed for shipment. In some cases quantities are not sufficiently cool be fore being placed in the bags and, if shipped in this condition, heating will develop further in certain conditions of stowage or storage. See also later entry, SUNFLOWER SEEDS. See also IMDG Code & US CFR. GROUNDNUTS - SEE PEANUTS
Index: 891
Commodity Name: OILSEEDS (including Palm Kernels, Peanuts, etc.)

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