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Description: COTTONSEED EXPELLER - Cottonseed expeller comprises pressing residues arising from oil extraction from cottonseed. Depending upon how the oil is extracted, the following distinctions are made: - pressure filtration (pressing: cold and hot pressing) - solvent extraction - pelletization In the case of pressure filtration, oilcakes are obtained by cold pressing (expeller pre-pressing) and subsequent hydraulic pressing, while expellers are produced by hot pressing (expeller final pressing). The finished expellers leave the production plant while still hot and with variable moisture content. After pressing, the expellers are cooled and, since they are in large pieces, they are ground and adjusted to water content suitable for storage and transport. The ground products are then held in intermediate storage in silo cells or sent for transport. See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 890
Commodity Name: OILSEEDS (including Palm Kernels, Peanuts, etc.)

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