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Description: TRUCKS - Trucks are subdivided into straight trucks without or with trailers (truck combinations) and truck tractors with semi trailers (articulated trucks) and special vehicles. Depending upon their intended use, trucks are produced with box bodies or flatbed bodies (with or without hoops and tarpaulins), tank, silo, dump or swap bodies. Construction, military, fire fighting, cleaning and many other types of vehicles are equipped with special bodies or loading aids (e.g. cranes, lifting platforms). German road traffic licensing regulations (StVZO) draw a fundamental distinction between trucks (pursuant to 18, para. 8g StVZO, "a motor vehicle intended for carrying goods") with or without a body and truck tractors (pursuant to 18, para. 9h StVZO "motor vehicles constructed exclusively or primarily for pulling trailers"). Further factors that must also be taken into account are in particular the dimensions of the vehicles and vehicle combinations, number of trailers, cornering characteristics, axle load and gross weight as well as engine power. Exemptions may be permitted subject to possible conditions. Trucks are generally powered by an internal combustion engine. See also US CFR.
Index: 883
Commodity Name: MOTOR VEHICLES

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