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Description: FROZEN MEAT -When left out of cold storage, thaws out and becomes bloody and dark in color. When the meat is re-frozen it retains this dark color. Meat in cold storage is subject to surface mold growth by certain fungi that can grow with appreciable rapidity, causing "black spot" and "whiskers" at certain temperatures. The addition of 10% carbon dioxide to the storage atmosphere is sometimes practiced in order to give additional control of mold growth. The more meat is subjected to variations of temperature the greater the possibility of discoloration due to dehydration. For example, meat may be in cold storage for long periods before shipment and during this time the cold chamber doors may be frequently opened. Discoloration arising from such causes should not necessarily be classified as damage, as the quality is most likely unaffected, the discoloration being merely a matter of condition.
Index: 880
Commodity Name: MEAT

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