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Description: CHILLED MEAT - Meat consists of skeletal muscle tissue, including fatty, connective and bone tissue, originating from slaughtered, skinned and gutted animals. Frequently transported types of meat are: cattle (quarters of beef), pigs (sides of pork), calves, sheep and lambs (all whole). Boned chilled meat (portioned meat) is also vacuum packaged for storage and transport. Chilled meat is also described as fresh meat because, when correctly chilled or frozen, it retains the characteristics of fresh meat. The greater or lesser degree of redness of meat is determined by its content of myoglobin (muscle pigment) which depends upon the species, breed, age and other factors. The chemical composition of meat is as follows: - water 49 - 75% - protein 15 - 21.5% - fat 3 - 35% - mineral salts 1 - 2% - carbohydrates (glycogen) 0.3 - 0.5% The rapid perishability of meat is due to its high protein and water content and its fat content. Since fresh meat may rapidly become unfit for consumption due to biochemical and microbiological changes, it is only transported as chilled or frozen meat. Degradation processes are retarded by maintaining low temperatures.
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Commodity Name: MEAT

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