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Description: LEATHER SHOES - As previously stated, certain leathers, both treated and untreated, have a certain degree of moisture content, and shoes which have been packed in apparent good order and condition may be delivered at destination with damage caused by staining with mildew or mold emanating from the leather itself. Such damage may be caused either by an excess of moisture in the leather used in the manufacture of the shoes or it may be that the shoes, after manufacture and before being packed for export, were stored in conditions which permitted absorption of moisture from the atmosphere which, in certain ports, is somewhat humid during certain periods of the year. In some cases mildew may be confined to the soles of the shoes, either on the inside or outside, or both; the unpacking of the sole of one of the specimens may show that the inside layers under the sole are manifestly damp. In other cases inside nails have been found to be rusted due to the action of the moisture on the leather. Another cause of mildew may be the moisture content of the packing above the leather; resin or cork, for instance, can possess a high degree of water content. Damage of this nature is more apparent in shoes of a lower grade. Another trouble which may arise through the natural moisture content of the leather, cork and wood from which shoes are made is the rusting of buckles, and care is necessary in attributing a cause in this connection.
Index: 874
Commodity Name: LEATHERWARE (General)

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