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Description: STEEL - Metal sheets are flat products with a rectangular cross-section, the width of which is much larger than the thickness. A distinction is drawn between hot- and cold-rolled sheet. Hot-rolled sheet in sheets is produced from semifinished products (slabs or billets), which are reduced to certain thicknesses by rolling and annealing and cut mechanically or by burning into rectangular or also other shaped sheets. Cold-rolled steel is produced by removing rust from hot-rolled sheet by "pickling" it in a weak acid solution, then washing, brushing, drying, oiling and unrolling the sheet and finally performing cold-rolling by passing the sheet through a reducing mill and cutting into rectangular or also other shaped sheets. Cold-rolled steel is a more highly finished product and has a smoother surface, greater dimensional accuracy (thickness, width, length) and greater strength. Depending upon the material from which it is made, metal sheet is divided into the following groups: - Sheet made from carbon steels. - Sheet made from alloy steels. - Sheet made from nonferrous metals and their alloys. - Bimetallic plated sheet, i.e. sheet produced by bonding together two different metals. - Sheet with protective coatings, for example PVC or PE coated sheet or galvanized, tinned sheet.
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