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Description: RAW HIDES: Dry Salted - Usually carry well, but can be damaged by wetting. Sometimes absorb moisture during very humid weather, but this dampness may not result in damage. Shade Dried - African, Abyssinian, Indian, etc. Can deteriorate quickly after wetting by fresh or seawater. Damping by rain before shipment may result in heavy mildew on bales or hides, not to be confused with similar mildew which may result from insufficient drying before packing. Liable to attack by worms or weevil which may be inherent or contracted in transit. Sun Dried - Similar to above, usually commoner types. May suffer damage from incorrect drying in too great heat. Wet Salted - Australian, New Zealand, and South American. Can be damaged by wetting due to loss of salt content. Chief danger is from heating usually resulting from exposure to heat, faulty stowage, inadequate ventilation, or delays in transit. Damage may result from insufficient salting.
Index: 863
Commodity Name: HIDES AND SKINS

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