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Description: BENZOIN (Benjamin) - A hard gum-resin from the Far East. Used in the manufacture of perfume and medicinal preparations. Has the appearance of "crumbled stones" in pieces of various sizes, the largest being the most valuable. Is brittle, and rough handling breaks pieces, causing depreciation. When fresh is of a light brown color, becoming brown-red when old. The value increases with age. If melting occurs, the pieces stick together and the commodity then has the same value as Benzoin dust. Bags of Benzoin submitted to heat and pressure stick together, quickly causing depreciation. The quality is not impaired by wetting or dampness, but dust or other foreign matter sticks to Benzoin and causes depreciation, as it then has to undergo a long and costly cleansing and sorting. Loss in weight should not occur when the Benzoin is packed in metal cases, but when packed in ordinary wooden cases or wooden barrels loss may occur.
Index: 856
Commodity Name: GUMS

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