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Description: RAISINS - Raisins are the dried, overripe fruit (dried fruit) of the grapevine, a climbing bush of the grapevine family (Vitaceae). "Raisin" is a collective term in particular for the following varieties: - Raisins on the bunch: seeded, large-berried, generally with stalk. - Sultanas: seedless, large-berried and light yellow. Larger than currants and smaller than raisins. - Currants: seedless, small-berried, purple/black color. Their name derives from the Greek city of Corinth. To produce: the grapes remain on the vine until they are overripe and, after picking, are dried in the air, in the sun (less aromatic than when dried in the shade) or in drying plants. Some are bleached by sulfuring (sulfur dioxide, SO2) and such treatment must be indicated on the packaging. In order to prevent the raisins from agglomerating (sticking together), they may be treated with vegetable oil. Due to their high sugar content (65 - 70%), raisins are very sweet.
Index: 851
Commodity Name: FRUITS (Dried)

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