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Description: CURRANT - Currants belong to the grapevine family (Vitaceae) and are native to the Caspian Sea. They are dried grapes from the seedless Black Corinth vine. Currants, sultanas and raisins, including those still on the bunch, are known collectively as "raisins". The difference between these three dried fruits is explained below: Currants: seedless, small-berried, purple/black color. Their name derives from the Greek city of Corinth. Sultanas: seedless, large-berried and light yellow. Larger than currants and smaller than raisins. Raisins on the bunch: seeded, large-berried, generally with stalk. To produce: the grape-harvest takes place when the grapes are overripe. They are then either air-dried or increasingly dried in special drying plants. Currants are always sold without stalks and unsulfured. Currants are treated with vegetable oils to prevent them from sticking together and this treatment makes them look fresh. Currants have a sourish sweet flavor.
Index: 849
Commodity Name: FRUITS (Dried)

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