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Description: FROZEN FISH - Occasionally packets of frozen fish fillets may be found to contain a number of small pieces which have been packed to make up the weight. If claims for disintegration in packaged frozen fillets arise, care should be taken to establish that the packing of small pieces has not been the cause of the complaint. Fish are cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates. They usually have a streamlined body covered with scales which is divided into head, gill, trunk and tail parts. On the basis of body shape, saltwater fish are divided into round and flat fish. Important saltwater fish include herring, cod, rosefish, mackerel and tuna. Fish is even more perishable than meat. This is attributable not only to the protein-decomposing enzymes which are still active at low temperatures and the large proportion of psychrophilic microorganisms associated with fish, but also to the low connective tissue content of fish. In comparison with lean fish (trout, codling, rosefish or pollack), oily types of fish, such as eel, herring or salmon are particularly at risk of spoilage. Fish are frozen by the flash or rapid freezing process, sometimes while still on board the fishing vessels.
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Commodity Name: FISH, FISHMEAL, FISH MANURE, etc.

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