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Description: PIASSAVA - Like chair cane and raffia, piassava is a palm fiber. It is obtained from the leaf or leaf rib fiber from tropical palm species (Palmae)). The main source is the Attalea funifera palm, which is native to the tropical forests of the Amazon and grows to up to 15 m in height. The piassava fiber is a yellow to dark brown, resilient fiber of varying thickness. Piassava fibers are divided into two groups. The "Bahia", "Para", "Venezuela" and "Madagascar" piassavas differ from the "Sierra Leone", "Liberia" and "Nigeria" piassavas. Arenga or Gumati fiber, a somewhat darker fiber than piassava, comes bundled in bales from Indonesia and has the same characteristics as piassava.
Index: 833
Commodity Name: FIBERS

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