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Description: COIR FIBER - Coir Mats - Coir Yarn - Coir or coconut fiber is obtained from the husks of the coconut. The husks are steeped in water for a considerable time, often months, before the fiber can be separated and made ready for use. In Southern India, where use is made of river water to soften the husks, it often happens that near the coast river water is not free from the influence of salt water, and consequently the coir may retain the properties of salt. Salt water acts as a preservative, except that, in the case of baled yarn, exposure to salt water quickly causes hoop rust and results in staining of the yarn. Hydraulically pressed bales may become damaged by hoop rust owing to long storage, and sometimes excessive dampness before pressing. Also, if not properly covered by bamboo mats and gunnies.
Index: 830
Commodity Name: FIBERS

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