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Description: COTTON WASTE - clean cotton waste can be satisfactorily shipped providing the moisture content in below 13 percent. If there is an excess of moisture, the pressure of the press-packing will cause the waste to degenerate rapidly from the center of the tale die to heat, the damaged waste having the appearance of discolored wood pulp. Will withstand contact with water if dried out quickly before mildew ensues. Will heat if kept damp or in contact with oils. Should be stowed in a dry, well-ventilated space away from heat. See also IMDG Code & US CFR. Oily waste is dangerous and liable to catch fire if the oil content exceeds 5%. Contact with water may also render the waste liable to spontaneous combustion. Cotton Waste from Russia - this material is from willowed picker waste, a byproduct of the opening room and the card room of textile mills. When imported it is run through garnet machines and mixed with cotton linters to hold it together. The mixture is in turn made into cheap mattress battings. If these goods are moist the wet and willowed picker will cake, have a moldy odor, and become unfit for use in mattresses.
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