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Description: GRAY CLOTH - Gray cloth is sometimes delivered at destination suffering from mold damage. From an investigation into this. The following emerges: (a) Bales which are externally wet, generally from exposure of the packages to rain prior to shipment: In these instances the evidence should be clear, the Hessian wrappers are stained and the steel bands surrounding the bales rusty in the vicinity of the stains. Should the moisture be sufficient to penetrate the packing, the cloth in the vicinity of the wetting becomes brown-stained and mildew forms around the stains. The remaining pieces in the bales are usually in good order. (b) Packages externally in normal condition: The Hessian wrappers in these instances may be affected by quay dirt or dust picked up during handling operations, but without evidence of external wetting, and the steel bands free of rust. On opening, it may be found that the top and bottom pieces are uniformly mildewed on the outer surface, the mildew penetrating the pieces to varying degrees, sometimes throughout. The adjoining pieces are mildewed on their edges or folds, but in some cases the mildew is present only on the external surfaces of the pieces and does not emanate from the interiors. (c) Bales which are stained in places, but where the external moisture has not penetrated the interior packing, yet the top and bottom pieces are heavily mildewed and the intervening pieces are affected on the edges or folds, precisely similar to the contents of bales which are not externally stained.
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