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Description: IN STEEL DRUMS - Coconut oil shipped in containers usually goes forward in new or secondhand steel drums. If, on examination, it is found that secondhand gasoline or oil drums have been used, this may explain the increase in the percentage of impurities in the oil due to the drums not being sufficiently clean, and the increase in the moisture content due to the drums not being properly dried before use. It is recognized that this commodity when shipped in containers may solidify when passing into cooler climates. Coconut oil is of vegetable origin and is obtained from the copra of the coconut palm. It has the consistency of fat and is therefore also known as coconut butter. It is a white to slightly yellowish oil, with a pleasant odor when fresh but a rancid odor when old. Fresh coconut oil has a pleasant taste. See also BULK OILS and FATS
Index: 806
Commodity Name: COCONUT OIL

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