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Description: CAPS ALOES (PREPARED) is a gum, an exudate of the plant of the same name. It is prepared generally in a very crude manner in country districts, with the use of heat. The product is usually exported in the form of small cobbles or lumps. It could be damaged by water, but is not especially susceptible to water damage. Heat will, of course, cause solidification, and water might aid this. Should solidification occur, crushing should not be difficult. It should then be possible to carry out the normal process of purification, which consists either of boiling in water or the use of some spirit to soften and remove impurities. The generally rather crude method of extraction of the gum from the plant can adversely affect the product. It can be overheated or burnt, i.e. broken down chemically. Some of its blackness would thus represent useless carbon. The product in this condition would tend to solidify more readily than normally.
Index: 804
Commodity Name: ALOES

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