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Description: Waste paper is a secondary raw material (for use in pulping), which may be reused, e.g. in the production of gray chip. It consists of clean rejects/trimmings from paper factories, but may also comprise household waste and waste from a very wide range of economic sectors. Waste paper comes from printing works, paper processing plants, department stores, self-service stores, homes etc. It is treated as follows: 1. The waste paper is pulped and defibered in a pulper. 2. It is cleaned, i.e. extraneous substances are removed. 3. The printing inks are removed by deinking. The printing inks are dissolved out of the fibers by water, sodium hydroxide solution, soap and air using the flotation process. Assisted by soap, the air bubbles gather around the printing inks and rise to the surface where the deinking foam is skimmed off. 4. After cleaning and refining, it arrives at the pulp proportioning system, where it is processed into light-colored grades of paper.
Index: 781
Commodity Name: WASTE PAPER

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