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Description: VEGETABLES POTATOES (Seed) - Care should be taken in handling at port of shipment to avoid bruises to the potatoes, and they should not be loaded wet. Either of these two states is a cause of wet rot setting in, and of course when conjoined can cause very quickly loss of practically an entire shipment. Forced ventilation by fans in the holds is an excellent deterrent to rot. Potatoes shipped from Holland during the months of November and Care must be exercised in differentiating between loss due to inherent vice and that caused by normal tearing of the bags. Cases are known of potatoes having arrived in a decomposed state, the liquid given off staining and rotting the bags, with the result that the bags burst at these points, causing sound as well as bad potatoes to fall out. Should the sack be re-sewn careful attention should be paid to the re-sewn portion of the bags, as loss might be regarded as being due to normal tearing of the bags, when careful examination of that part of the bag repaired may lead surveyors to decide otherwise. Potatoes are subject to a natural loss in weight.
Index: 773
Commodity Name: VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (Fresh)

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