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Description: VEGETABLES ARTICHOKES - The artichoke, of Mediterranean origin, is a thistle-like vegetable (edible artichoke) of the composite-flower family (Compositae). The flower heads of the artichoke plant, which grow at the ends of long stalks, reach a diameter of approx. 5 - 15 cm. They consist of a very fleshy bottom part and bracts which overlap one another like roof tiles. Only the bottom part and the lower, likewise very fleshy parts of the bracts are eaten. Artichoke color differs according to variety and ranges from whitish through green to purple. Artichokes have to be harvested before the flowers open and the blue petals become visible. Open bracts are an indication that the artichoke is already overripe and quality will very quickly degrade. Artichokes in this condition are no longer suitable for transport. A distinction is generally drawn between globe and Jerusalem artichokes. There follows a list of some of the many varieties: whitish color, pointed shape: - "Blanc d'Oran" - "Gros Macau" green color, round shape, closed head: - "Laon artichoke" - "Green Globe" purple color, long narrow shape, head somewhat opened: - "Violet de Provence" - "Violet de Perpignan" Its slightly bitter flavor (caused by the bitter substance cynarin) and high vitamin content make the artichoke a delicacy.
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Commodity Name: VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (Fresh)

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