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Description: FRUITS CHERRIES - Sweet cherries belong to the rose family (Rosaceae) and are a stone fruit. They originated from wild cherries and are subdivided into heart and white-heart cherries. Heart cherries have soft flesh and are therefore not so prone to bursting. They are, however, less transportable than firm-fleshed white-heart cherries, which, in contrast, have the disadvantage of a greater susceptibility to bursting. Sweet cherries come in several shades: yellow, bright (light) and dark (reddish to black). Heart cherries are generally dark in color, while white-heart cherries are frequently bright-colored. Inside, cherries have a hard stone enclosing the seed and the stone is itself surrounded by fleshy pulp. Sweet cherries are harvested from the trees, which vary markedly in height, only when fully ripe, since they are not amenable to post-ripening. If cherries are picked too early, they are no longer able to develop their typical characteristics and spoil very rapidly.
Index: 761
Commodity Name: VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (Fresh)

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