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Description: FRUITS APPLES - A brown discoloration on the surface may have arisen solely as a result of storage and transportation diseases which may be apparent at the time of or shortly after removal from cold storage. This should not be confused with decay arising out of mishandling. Apples wrapped in oiled paper seldom suffer from such disease. Subject to a natural loss in weight. Apples (rose family, Rosaceae) are a pomaceous false fruit with whitish, firm pulp and a generally sour-sweet flavor. The small brown seeds (pips) are located in a parchment-like core with 5 compartments. The apple tree originated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and spread to all temperate zones of the world. Numerous apple varieties have been developed over the several thousand years that they have been cultivated. Taste and color differ depending on the variety and stage of ripeness. A distinction may be drawn between dessert fruit (fruit for eating fresh), commercial fruit (industrial use, e.g. for apple puree, apple jelly and obtaining pectin) and cider apples (apple juice, wine). Apples are divided into summer, autumn and late varieties (keeping apples) depending on when they ripen: the latter are the most common. Apples are available all year round owing to their different ripening times and long-term storage as well as imports from the southern hemisphere.
Index: 757
Commodity Name: VEGETABLES AND FRUIT (Fresh)

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