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Description: IMPROPER COOPERAGE - Additional losses of weight can be sustained as a result of rough handling and improper cooperage in transit. When chests are coopered in the country of origin and at ports of shipment these are known as "Country Coopered Packages." Those chests coopered on arrival at destination are known as "Dock Coopered Packages." To ascertain where chests have been coopered the difference in the method and the wood used for coopering is a guide. Often paper is placed between the damaged portion of the chest panel and the wood patch and the type of paper, which is, usually newsprint, is also a guide for this purpose. Tea which has suffered severe damage may be condemned as unfit for human consumption, in which case it can only be used for caffeine purposes. Tea consists of the fermented and dried leaves, leaf buds and tender stems of the evergreen tea bush of the Theaceae family. Tea is a high quality semiluxury item, the stimulant action of which results from its content of 2.5 - 5% of thein. At certain intervals, the tea bushes are cut back to a height of 1 m. Tea is always harvested as two leaves and one bud. Tea is cultivated in plantations (tea gardens). The principal tea cultivating countries are in the tropics and subtropics. Unlike green coffee beans and raw cocoa, tea is exported in ready-to-use form. It is a cargo which demands the utmost care. Shipping period starts approx. 6 weeks after harvest, with the tea shipped at the beginning of a season being the most valuable. Later varieties of tea are mostly of lower quality.
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Commodity Name: TEA

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