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Description: Very inflammable. In bags; if submerged in water a crust of about 1 1/2 in. is formed, which protects the remainder of the contents. See also IMDG Code & US CFR. SULPHUR (Bulk) - Highly combustible. It has been suggested that the throwing of empty discharging baskets into the vessel's hold has created sufficient friction to cause ignition. A case of ignition of sulphur arose when the hatch beams were being placed in their slots, due to sulphur having collected in these slots during discharge. Metal chains or chain slings should not be employed, thus avoiding the possibility of ignition by sparks arising out of contact of such chains or slings with the iron of the ship. Should sulphur catch on fire it should be smothered with more sulphur or with a very fine spray of fresh water. The use of seawater should be avoided. A heavy spray or jet may aggravate the fire. In the manufacture of Sulphuric acid it is absolutely essential that the sulphur used is free from sodium chloride, otherwise hydrochloric acid gas is likely to be formed during processing. with serious consequences to plant. It is. however, a comparatively simple matter to wash sea damaged sulphur and so remove the sodium chloride. Sulphur is not soluble in water, and sodium chloride may sometimes be removed by leaving the crude sulphur in the open for some time exposed to rain. Seawater damage to sulphur which is intended for use in the paper industry renders it unfit for that purpose.
Index: 708
Commodity Name: SULPHUR

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