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Description: Soap, even under normal conditions, is subject to loss in weight. This loss does not result in reduced efficiency, as it is due to water evaporation only, the active washing material remaining unaltered. Dampness or contact with water deforms the cakes of soap and damages their packing; may render it necessary to have the soap recast. Although the commercial value of the soap may be affected, the soap does not lose its "specie" and can still be used. Temperatures above normal hasten the drying and subsequent cooling may lead to sweating, a condition also brought about by damp conditions. Sweating makes the soap clammy and sticky and such deterioration can affect the marketability. Soap in disintegrated form, such as chips, flakes or powders in bulk may become self-heated if stored under hot humid conditions, particularly if stacked and ventilation is bad.
Index: 661
Commodity Name: SOAP

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