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Description: The main causes of damage to seeds are contact with water, heating, fermentation and sprouting, spontaneous combustion, and infestation. Seeds are liable to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and in consequence develop mold. Seeds which have become damp, wet or heated should be immediately dried, but it should be borne in mind that exposure to the sun may kill the life of some seeds. The sound seeds should be separated from the damaged if this is an economic proposition. Damaged seeds should be disposed of as soon as possible. Seeds are liable to heat and deteriorate if not properly dried before shipment. Deterioration may also set in if seeds are kept for any length of time in conditions of excessive heat. Loss in weight may be due to loss of moisture content, heating infestation, or seepage. Seeds from some countries may contain a percentage of fine dust or sand which can be partly lost in transit. Infestation may be caused by insects inherent in the seeds before shipment. See also
Index: 646
Commodity Name: SEEDS (General)

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