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Description: Rum is a fine spirit, obtained by distillation from sugar cane, sugar cane molasses and other residues of sugar processing. The main distillate, which is produced in pot stills (distillation boilers), has an alcohol content of 80 - 88 vol.%. It is then stored in oak kegs. Rums are classed as follows: - Original rum: produced in the exporting countries. No changes are made in the importing country. - Overseas rum: imported with an alcohol content of 75 vol.% and reduced to a drinking strength of 40 - 45 vol.%. A distinction is drawn between the following types of rum on the basis of their aroma: - Cuban rum: light, brandy-like aroma - Jamaica rum: intense, full-bodied aroma - Martinique rum: strong, heavy aroma Although rum does not spoil easily due to its high ethyl alcohol content, as a cargo it does require care, to prevent quality degradation. See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 628
Commodity Name: RUM

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