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Description: Chair cane consists of the 0.5 - 4.5 cm thick shoots of the rattan palm (Calamus rotang), a member of the palm family (Palmae), and is also known as Spanish cane or rattan cane. It comes from climbing palms in particular from Indonesia, which climb up to the crowns of the highest jungle trees and form dense thickets. The up to 4.5 cm thick, generally 50 m long pliable climbing stems are cut off approx. 1 m above the ground and pulled down out of the trees. Rattan is exported in various forms: whole, peeled and matted, decored and sometimes as broken chair cane. It is also supplied in washed or unwashed form. The following are the main varieties: - "Borneo" varieties - "Celebes" varieties - "Malaysia" varieties - "Sumatra" varieties
Index: 609
Commodity Name: RATTAN (Chair Cane)

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