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Description: LAMINATED SHEET, DECORATIVE 1. (a), (b), (c) Material is liable to warp and to blister and/or show other defects of appearance. (d) No. 2. (a) Material is liable to blister and become discolored and/or show other defects of appearance. It may also warp. (b) No. The material may support mold growth under prolonged conditions of high temperature and high humidity, and should therefore be stowed in a cool place below deck. "CORROPLAST" SHEETING 1. (a) Increase in superficial dimensions and thickness. (b) Increase in dimensions with blistering from prolonged contact of the laminates with water - approx. four weeks. Salt water can cause damage to laminated sheets with decorative surfaces, e.g. stoved enamel. (c) As with (b). Dimensional changes can be adjusted by drying at low temperatures (say 60 degrees C) but if the material has reached the stage of being blistered nothing can be done to recover it. (d) In the drying process it is preferable that both surfaces of the laminate be treated simultaneously, otherwise warpage may result, although this should be of a temporary nature only. 2. (a) Warpage, change of surface texture, blistering or charring, depending on the intensity of the heat. (b) It is possible in some cases to readjust warpage, and it is possible in the case of stove enameled laminates for the enameling process to be repeated, but sheets which are blistered and charred are irrecoverable. This material has no inherent vice other than referred to above, but should be kept dry, unpacked on arrival at destination and stored according to the manufacturers' instructions.
Index: 585
Commodity Name: PLASTICS

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