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Description: PVC EMULSIONS AND DISPERSIONS 1. (a) & (c) Unlikely to have any effect. (b) If extreme cases corrosion may penetrate through the drum, contaminating the contents. (d) If severe corrosion takes place contents might be discolored. In extreme cases, contents would be a total loss. 2. (a) Emulsions: Precipitation and total loss. Solutions: Would probably explode. (b) If heat exceeds 80 degrees - 90 degrees C contents will probably be a total loss. Emulsions are liable to damage by freezing, and, while they should not be exposed to extreme heat, require frost proof storage. Solutions, due to their flammability, should be stowed on deck. See also IMDG Code & US CFR. AMINOPLASTIC MOLDING MATERIAL 1. (a), (b), (c) All three causes can seriously damage this material if the package protection fails. Normally the powders are shipped in moisture proof containers, either steel drums, fiber-board kegs with plastic liners or paper sacks with a waterproof layer, but if external damage destroys the waterproof layer then the material can be spoiled and rendered useless for molding good articles. (d) None. Attempts to dry out powder which has been damaged by humidity, salt water or fresh water are likely to result in other defects. 2. (a) High temperatures tend to make the powder difficult to mold by stiffening its flow. In extreme cases it can render the powder useless. This material requires cool stowage, below water line.
Index: 582
Commodity Name: PLASTICS

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