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Description: These are highly corrosive if packed too fresh or if encountering humidity. The corrosion turns the shipping sacks a reddish brown and rots them to such an extent that they can be easily torn by the fingers. Subject to loss in weight due to seepage. See also IMDG Code. PHOSPHATE ROCK and/or FINES - A light brown to white rock which is sometimes crushed to make the phosphate fines. Varies in texture from a sandy powder to a lumpy material containing a large proportion of dust, and due to its free-flowing properties considerable loss may arise in course of handling. If the material is not perfectly free-flowing it cannot be used easily in the machinery set up for the manufacture of the acid phosphate and, although moisture contact does little or no damage, the commodity must be dried before it can be processed. SUPERPHOSPHATE - A rock phosphate treated with sulphuric acid. It is usually in the form of a fine powder which, if not well matured before shipment, may harden during transit. The commodity may be hardened to such an extent that mechanical equipment is necessary to break it up before discharge takes place. A dry, free running fertilizer slightly acid in character. Moisture damage will render the commodity sticky and pasty and reduce both the fertilizer and material value. The commodity may be dried by air, but this may be an expensive matter. Unduly high temperatures may cause the reversion of soluble phosphate to the insoluble form, with consequent reduction in value. Generally, superphosphates are liable to become wet in the vessel's hold and if this occurs considerable difficulty may be experienced in discharge. SUPERPHOSPHATES (Triple) - Similar to superphosphate, but as its name indicates is three times as concentrated. It is also much darker.
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