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Description: ALFALFA PELLETS - Alfalfa pellets are made from ground alfalfa hay (alfalfa meal). Alfalfa hay is a dried green fodder which contains protein as well as valuable vitamins and minerals. A suitable binder (e.g. 1 - 3% of molasses, fat or colloidal clays) is added to this material and the composition is then pressed under high pressure in pelletizing machines or extruders to form cylindrically shaped pellets. From a transportation standpoint, pellets generally have the same characteristics as the original plant residues, in particular in terms of the product's oil and water content. A distinction is drawn between expeller pellets and extraction meal pellets depending on their origin. Grain size: diameter approx. 3 - 7 mm, length approx. 6 - 25.4 mm (approx. 50% may have been reduced to powder by abrasion) Oil content: 1.7 - 3.6% See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 556
Commodity Name: PELLETS

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