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Description: Palm oil is a dark yellow to yellow-red oil (high carotene content) of vegetable origin obtained by pressing or boiling the flesh of the fruit of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Palm oil differs from palm kernel oil, the latter being obtained from the kernels of the oil palm. Excessive heat will cause bleaching and affect color. Palm oil loses its red color when exposed to light, but this loss of color does not affect its value for ordinary purposes. Loss in weight may occur if the containers are not of good quality. Such loss may be high if subjected to conditions of heat. If palm oil is stored in drums in a well-ventilated space there is little danger of damage, but the oil should not be allowed to become too hot, as it is subject to more rapid deterioration at high temperatures. See also BULK OILS and FATS.
Index: 546
Commodity Name: PALM OIL

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