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Description: Water-based paints are subject to attack by mold or bacteria while in storage, unless protected. Leakage from drums of paint, even if small, will in time cause the evaporation of the solvent contained in the paint. Leakage may be the result of the drums not having been stowed right side up, with consequent bursting of the heads. Leakage of solvent or varnish from a paint will cause the balance of the paint to be disturbed and may render the product useless. Paints are liable to damage from such causes as: (a) Stowage too near sources of heat where high temperatures will accelerate putrefaction and/or breaking of emulsion. (b) Stowage where the paint is subjected to extreme cold when the emulsion may break, the oil and water being not remissible. (c) Contamination of product by seawater seeping into poorly sealed containers, which would render goods unusable. See also CANNED GOODS and PIGMENTS. See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 544
Commodity Name: PAINTS

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