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Description: Packing paper is the generic name for various types of paper used for packaging goods. A distinction is drawn between the following types of packing paper, for example. - Kraft paper is a very high-strength packaging paper, made from unbleached or bleached sulfate pulp or equivalent fibers. Sometimes, semichemical pulp is also used in production. - Due to its high strength and moisture resistance, kraftliner is used as an outer and intermediate ply, especially in corrugated board. The high strength is achieved thanks to the virgin fiber used in the production of kraftliner, which has a low recycled fiber content. Its basis weight is over 120g/m2. - Testliner, like kraftliner, is used for the outer and intermediate plies of corrugated board. However, its strength is not quite as high as that of kraftliner, as it has a higher recycled fiber content. - As its name would suggest, kraft sack paper is primarily used for sack/bag production. It is distinguished by elevated elasticity. - Kraft tissue is the term used for kraft paper with a basis weight of below g/m2.
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Commodity Name: PACKING PAPER

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