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Description: PISTACHIO NUTS - Are used in the confectionery trade. Oil is also extracted and is used for flavoring purposes. Exposure to sun will cause dryness and change in taste. Exposure to heat may breed vermin and contact with water or dampness may cause a change in taste and quality. When stored for a long period without adequate ventilation the nuts will deteriorate, which becomes manifest by the odor arising. Pistachio nuts are the single-seeded stone fruit of the pistachio tree (sumac family, Anacardiaceous), which is native to the Mediterranean area. Pistachio nuts are shell fruit (nut types). Because of their similar characteristics with regard to transport, particularly their high oil content, their requirements regarding care during storage and transport are the same as those of oil-bearing seeds/fruits. The pistachio has pinnate leaves and bears stone fruit 1 - 2 cm in size, whose light brown shell opens when ripe. The kernels have a brown seed coat. The seed coat contains antioxidants, which protect the oil-rich seed from atmospheric oxygen so preventing it from becoming rancid (oxidative rancidity). After removal of the brown seed coat, the brilliant green color of the kernels is a sign of freshly harvested nuts. There are many cultivars of pistachio nuts, which are also known as green almonds. Oil content: - 45 - 54% - 55%
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Commodity Name: NUTS AND KERNELS

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