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Description: HAZLENUTS - The hazelnut is the single-seeded indehiscent fruit of the hazel tree (filbert family, Corylaceae), which grows to a height of 7 m. The nut ripens from mid-August, sits in a slit, cupule-type husk formed from bracts and has a relatively thick, hard, woody shell, which constitutes approx. 55% of its weight. The edible kernel within consists of delicious-tasting hard flesh enclosed in a brownish seat coat. The hazelnut kernel is surrounded by a brown seed coat, which contains antioxidants, which protect the oil-rich seed from atmospheric oxygen so preventing it from becoming rancid (oxidative rancidity). Hazelnuts are shell fruit (nut types). Because of their similar characteristics with regard to transport, particularly their high oil content, their requirements regarding care during storage and transport are the same as those of oil-bearing seeds/fruits. To harvest them, sheets of cloth are laid beneath the trees and the branches of the trees are then shaken. The nuts are subsequently dried in a well-ventilated place. German-produced hazelnuts are generally sold with their shell on, but can only meet a small proportion of German demand. For this reason, unshelled and shelled hazelnuts (hazelnut kernels) are imported into Germany from the countries of origin listed below. Oil content: - hazelnuts (unshelled) 50 - 62% - hazelnut kernels 60 - 68%
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Commodity Name: NUTS AND KERNELS

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