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Description: The fruit of an Eastern tree, from which oil is extracted and used, amongst other things, as a hair-restorer. The groundnut is also used in the tanning industry and in the manufacture of ink. Subject to a natural loss in weight due to drying out, but it has been known for this commodity to increase slightly in weight. If exposed to excessively damp atmosphere this product will mildew. Myrabolans are usually packed in old gunnies when shipped from India, whether they are exported as nuts or in a crushed form. Excess heat may affect the tanning properties and if wetted for any length of time they will deteriorate may ferment and cause deterioration of the gunny bags. Damaged myrabolans should be separated from the sound and exposed for drying. Small damaged myrabolans will secure a better price if crushed before selling. See also IMDG Code & US CFR.
Index: 503
Commodity Name: MYRABOLANS (Mirabolans, Myrobalans)

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