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Description: Mustard, a seasoning of pasty consistency and a more or less pungent flavor, arrived in Europe in the 8th century. It is produced from mustard flour, which is made from partially or non-deoiled mustard seeds, using vinegar, salt, sugar, spices and water. The various types of mustard differ in strength, which is attributable to the proportion of black or brown (strong) and yellow (mild) mustard seeds. Mustard is yellowish brown in color. In particular, the following types of mustard are commercially available: - "strong mustard", which often tends towards "extra strong" in flavor and is made from brown mustard seeds. - "medium strength mustard", which is made from a majority of yellow mustard seeds and a smaller proportion of brown mustard seeds. - "table mustard", which is made from yellow seeds and is not therefore very strong. - "sweet mustard", which contains added sugar. Oil content: at least 1.5% (allyl mustard oil)
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Commodity Name: MUSTARD

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