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Description: Is slightly soluble in water. Melts between 41 degrees and 43 degrees C, or 106 degrees to 110 degrees F. Due to the fact that this commodity is extremely volatile the packing must be airtight. Menthol should be preserved preferably at a temperature not above 30 degrees C or 86 degrees F. When the temperature rises menthol turns into a vapor, which escapes from the tin and a part will condense on the outside of the container in the form of a thin sheet of menthol (sublimation). The escape of vapor may give rise to a loss in weight. When volatilized it cakes and may depreciate in value. Sound menthol may be tested by dropping an iron rod into the contents and when drawn up again the menthol should not stick to the rod. Weighing the tins is the only way to ascertain the shortage due to sublimation of the menthol.
Index: 472
Commodity Name: MENTHOL

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