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Description: All waterproof-lined cases should have some means of ventilation to allow any evaporated moisture which may form in the case to escape; otherwise this moisture will attack the highly polished and delicate sections of the contents of the case. If a means of ventilation is not possible, desiccants (such as silica gel) should be enclosed in the case. When machines are bolted to the base of the cases, there should be some allowance for movement. It has been known for the timbers to swell, due to moisture, thus exerting, through the securing bolts, sufficient pressure to fracture the castings. Corrugated paper, used to line cases, has been known to mark enameled surface of machines. Note should be taken as to whether the bright or unpainted parts of machinery have been properly protected with rust preventative prior to shipment. Wooden battens which have not been properly dried or contain a high percentage of resinous matter, when used for packing machinery and placed directly against bright or painted metal surfaces, can cause discoloration of the paint and rusting of the metal. This type of damage can be confused with ordinary water damage. There are on the market special compounds for the protection against rust of various types of machinery and metallic components, and where complaint of rust damage to goods of metallic construction is received, prompt treatment by a dewatering oil or similar product will prevent the rust spreading. Generally speaking, the products referred to are basically an oil with a drying ingredient. If metallic goods have been submerged and are dried immediately or as soon as possible after removal from the water, and this compound applied, the oxidation or rusting of the product may be prevented or minimized. Timely action may do much to prevent aggravation of damage arising from delay and improper treatment.
Index: 450
Commodity Name: MACHINERY

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