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Description: Mace is the red outer covering of the nutmeg which is dried and used as a spice. Excessive moisture may cause moldiness, which results in the commodity becoming blackened and offensive. Provided that the commodity has not been subjected to excessive moisture, molds and discoloration may be reduced or removed by exposure in thin layers to the air and sun. After drying the mace may have a lower grade value. If mace has been wetted and can be dried and handled within a reasonable time, there should be no loss of quality, but handling tends to break the mace and may alter its grade value. May be subject to a loss due to drying out. Mace is the dried, crimson-colored, lacy seed covering (aril) removed from the nutmeg, which is enclosed in a peach-like fruit. It comes from the Moluccas. Odor and taste are highly aromatic and spicy. Postharvest air-drying renders mace hornlike, brittle and waxy. In its commercial forms, mace is pressed flat and dried or ground. Oil content: essential oils: - 10.0 - 15.0% (in particular myristicin) - 4 - 12% - 12% fatty oils: - appro 30% - 20%
Index: 449
Commodity Name: MACE

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